AIS Chronicle
Maritime Domain Awareness System
for Offshore Infrastructure Protection

How it works

The unit receives AIS signals using a high gain directional antenna, selected to maximise coverage of submarine cable systems. The AIS Chronicle Windows® PC Application filters and sorts the data according to your requirements then exports for viewing and further analysis in Google Earth™ or other GIS, Excel® etc. An AIS Chronicle station unit installed at your cable station or other suitable location receives the AIS messages, applies a timestamp using the built-in GPS time source and stores the data in solid-state, non-volatile memory. The network connection is used only to download the data so short term network outages are not a problem. Rugged wall mounted steel enclosure and built-in uninterruptible power supply provide a reliable platform for long term AIS data gathering. Connect via the Internet or private network e.g. DCN, VPN etc. The AIS Chronicle Windows® PC Application is freely downloadable for installation on any PC. Connect to any number of your AIS Chronicle stations and retrieve the stored data on demand 24/7.

Installed at cable station

  • Receives AIS messages
  • Applies time-stamp
  • Logs to local solid state mass storage

Windows PC Application

  • Downloads AIS data on demand
  • Keeps a local cache
  • Decodes AIS information
  • Sorts on any key
  • Quick look-up of vessel details
  • Export AIS data in KML format
The AIS Chronicle station equipment

The AIS Chronicle Station Equipment

A robust, all steel, wall mounted enclosure houses the AIS Chronicle receiver, data storage and uninterruptible power supply.

The AIS antenna, GPS receiver and all required cables are provided along with comprehensive documentation.

For more information Download the datasheet  or contact us