AIS Chronicle
Maritime Domain Awareness System
for Offshore Infrastructure Protection
Sea Reach Systems Limited was formed in 2013 to produce vessel movement monitoring systems for offshore asset protection.

We build and support AIS Chronicle an Automatic Identification System data acquisition solution that allows submarine cable owners to understand the shipping that affects their cables in their area of operations.

We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Our quality control and environmental credentials form the basis of a solid foundation for future growth.

Guy Smith is the founder and a Director of Sea Reach Systems Ltd. He has almost 30 years experience in the submarine cable industry working in both the supplier/installer and owner/operator areas. For the last decade he has been the marine maintenance manager for one of the largest submarine cable networks in the world.

As subsea cable operators face continuing price erosion and ever higher demand for capacity on key routes, the impact of faults is increasing. Reducing fault rates through targeted offshore liaison improves all-important customer retention and headline service availability. Reduced operating costs through successful claims when cable damage occurs can now become routine through the exploitation of AIS.

When trying to purchase a vessel movement data system to achieve these goals, I realised that the current providers were not catering for those wishing to protect offshore assets. AIS Chronicle is designed for reliable, long term, high resolution vessel movement recording over subsea cable systems and other offshore assets with an emphasis on fast and easy access to the data for the end user.

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